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Let’s do it! India sweeps its wave in Senapati on 2022 World Cleanup Day

Let’s Do It! On Saturday, India observed World Cleanup Day in Senapati District, which was organised by the 7 Sisters Foundation, Tribal Knowledge Foundation, Rise Senapati Volunteering Group, and Tsiibe Foundation.

More than 5000 volunteers from Senapati District’s district administrations, various civil society organisations, youth organisations, and educational institutions took part in the event to make a difference. In his keynote address, Saveio Khole, Let’s Do It! India co-ordinator, NorthEastern states, welcomed the volunteers and emphasised the importance of Let’s Do It! India. “No waste just goes away,” he joked, “it ends up in our neighbor’s place.”

The event’s chief guest, Lorho S Pfoze, Member of Parliament, Outer Manipur (ST), expressed his solidarity and joy at seeing young leaders join the rest of the world in its mission to revive and make our Mother Earth a better place to live for everyone. He implored everyone to do their part in revitalising the deteriorating environment, bit by bit, before it was too late. “As we join the rest of the world in this historic movement, let us remember that it was our forefathers who gave us today, and it will be our action today that gives our next generation tomorrow,” he urged.

The guest of honour, D.John Sha, MFS, DFO Senapati, reminded the participants that every day is a clean-up day. He stated in his speech that each of us should be responsible for keeping our surroundings clean and that living a hygienic life should be a habit rather than a burden. “Keeping our surroundings clean means we’re living a healthy life,” he added. Our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are polluted when our waste is improperly disposed of.”

The event concluded with the organisers declaring that the three best educational institutions will be awarded in the next World Clean Up Day, 2023, to encourage healthy competition and long-term cleanliness.

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